6 Bottles of 21st Reflections HyperFood! Mood and Skin Smoothing! • 21st Reflections
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6 Bottles of 21st Reflections HyperFood! Mood and Skin Smoothing!

(6 customer reviews)


Each 16 oz bottle contains 2 servings of the World’s most advanced nutraceutical drink.

And the really neat thing – the technology completely hides the normally nasty-tasting nutraceuticals so you can sip your way to a new you with our delicious HyperFood drink. And, Oh, did we mention the Terpenes?  

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Special introductory price to let you get to know this amazing new HyperFood revolution in nutraceutical delivery! Wonderful flavor! Unbelievable benefits!
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Reviews (6)

6 reviews for 6 Bottles of 21st Reflections HyperFood! Mood and Skin Smoothing!

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  1. DebM

    I think you are on to something with this drink! It seems to really help reduce anxiety.
    Here’s my experience with it.
    When I first drank it I felt a little bit light-headed. That went
    away and I felt very good!
    Last night I hosted about 20 people at my office for an event and I drank a whole bottle (1/2 in the morning and ½ at lunch) and I was surprised how little anxiety I had about the whole thing. Usually I’d be very uptight and wound up but I was shockingly calm.
    Deb M

  2. Melissa

    I have been drinking them daily at least a half a bottle and it’s been great. I call it my happy juice. I’ve told a lot of people about it already and they all want to try it. The other thing I noticed is that I feel very full after I have it. I can’t wait to get more. I also feel like I don’t want to drink as much (alcohol) after I have it which is very good.

  3. gnickel

    It has an amazing flavor. Like nothing I’ve ever had before. I don’t know about my skin, I’ve only been taking it for a few days but I’ll tell you it sure calms me down. Like it takes the edge off.

    Bernice W

  4. JaneN

    I think the amazing thing is you can add a bit of it to your water and it completely changes it, Makes the water taste great, like you can’t wait to take another swig.
    Jane N

  5. Char

    This is sort of spooky. Product has lots of great stuff in it but you can’t taste them. I like it, Nice taste, feels good, we’ll see.
    Char C

  6. DebZ

    All i know is it makes a great margarita.
    Debra Z

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